DUMBO (2019)

I like Dumbo (1941) very much and feel it's the first and last word on all things Dumbo. However, I had an opportunity to work for Production Designer Rick Heinrichs and jumped at the chance. Here is some of that work..
Sketchbook Roughs
I've included these because I've met and worked with a lot of young artists who are ashamed of their rough sketches. There is no need to apologize for your "ruffs". For me, a sketchbook is just a place to contain ideas for later refinement.

 Opening Title Concepts
Good directors and production designers you work with know all about rough drawings and quick thumbnails. Here are some quick roughs I later turned into concept paintings.

 Small Town Circus

 Coming up with Business
I was asked to come up with some gags for the Dumbo circus ringmaster and his Capuchin monkey. These moments were lightly sketched in the screenplay, so I explored further in storyboards. If you are asked to do this, it's good not to censor yourself. How do you expect to inspire and amuse others, if you can't do that for yourself first?

More Hi-Jinx

Regular Circus or Freakshow?
During development we did some exploration on the nature of Dumbo's circus. More Freakshow? Less? Just figuring it out and playing around a little. They opted for more of a traditional small-town circus.

 Queen of the Air

Color Script
 Layout sketch by Production Designer Rick Heinrichs

Dreamland Theme Park

Shape Language

Scientific Wonders
Pre-Vis set w/ a couple exterior sculpture studies.

Sometimes I'll draw onto photos or comp my drawings into digital pics for scale, and to change the context. It's a quick way to suggest ideas.

Dreamland Graphics
These maps and posters were based on the graphic art of Disneyland from the 1950s and 60s.

 Nightmare Island

Bonus Materials:Pink Elephants
This scene was lightly sketched in the screenplay and I wasn't asked to do these. But, I offered them up as bonus features. These studies were more inspired by nightmare logic and Dumbo's trauma at being separated from his mother.

Pencil, Ink, Digital